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Getting started with Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics is easy!

To take advantage of our Managed Wine Storage, you simply apply for a Wine Management Portal™ (WMP) Subscription online and transfer your wine into our facility. Your WMP Subscription is an online account that allows you to manage your wine in our warehouse. For you convenience we provide a monthly WMP Subscription which runs in conjunction with your requested storage period.

Your Wine Management Portal™ Subscription also includes the option to sell wine through our Vertical Sales Channel Partners. Click here to see more information on how to sell your wine.


Wine Management Portal™ Subscription Features
Wine Inventory 
& Stock Movements
Wine Collection 
  • Request to transfer in/out/historical reporting
  • Current stock on hand by warehouse & barcode
  • Market valuations, daily & EOFY (up to 7 years)
  • Drinking window guidance
List Wine for Sale
Wine Reviews
  • Instantaneously list wine for sale with vertical sales channel partners
  • View, cancel & adjust sales listings
  • Set your own market price or choose from 3 market price levels
  • Access competitive buyer & seller commission rates
  • View wines listed for sale & wines sold with market analytics, by volume, by price, by market
  • Write & publish your own wine reviews
  • View community wine reviews -linked directly to your wines
  • Access to professional wine critic ratings & tasting notes
Account Management
  • Update personal details
  • Update credit card/bank details
  • Statement of account, invoices, receipts, trade sales payments
Support Centre
Monthly Subscription Fee
  • FAQ's
0 - 2,400 bottles $26.50
2,401 - 50,000 bottles $31.50




Wine Management Portal™ Subscription


Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics utilises the Wine Management Portal™ – a subscription based solution for collecting and reporting on wine. The Wine Management Portal™ was designed specifically for the wine industry and enables the user, advanced online interaction with their wine in our custody and control enabling the user to almost “touch” their wine in our warehouse.




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