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Wine Management Portal™ Subscription

stock-photo-20549839-cloud-computing-conceptArtisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics utilises the Wine Management Portal™ – a subscription based solution for ‘virtually’ managing your inventory in our warehouse. The Wine Management Portal™ was designed specifically for the wine industry and enables Wineries, advanced online interaction with their stock in our custody and control.

Getting started with Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics is easy!

warehouse1To take advantage of our Managed Warehousing and 3PL Logistic service simply apply for a Wine Management Portal™ (WMP) Subscription and transfer your stock in. For your convenience we provide a weekly WMP Subscription which runs in conjunction with your requested storage period.

Your Wine Management Portal™ Subscription also includes the option to sell wine through our Vertical Sales Channel Partners.Click here to see more information on how to sell your wine.

Wine Management Portal™ Features
Current stock on hand - by SKU & barcode
Movements reporting - transfers in & out
Individual case tracking - by barcode
Ability to accommodate multiple product sizes - for each SKU
SKU movements reporting - by volume
Complete accessibility to all financial records for up to 7 years
Publish marketing collateral - ability to directly enter all product-related information incl. Images, ratings, tasting notes
Account Users  - Administrator 1
Contract Term No minimum 
(must run in conjunction with storage contract)
Subscription Fee $15 per week*
Sell your Wine
Access to Vertical Sales Channel Partners
Target B2B & B2C
View, update & cancel sales listings at any time
Receive net sales proceeds every 10 business days
*Ex GST WMP-Enquire

Australian Winery - Wine Management Portal™ Subscription



wineincloud logoSubscribe to use the Wine Management Portal™

Providing the best possible facility for your wine also means ensuring your collection is accounted for easily and accurately, therefore we have chosen to use the expertise of Wine in Cloud Software Solutions (WICSS).

‘WICSS’ were tasked to develop a wine management interface that enables users, advanced online interaction with their wine in our care, custody and control. The result is the Wine Management Portal – a subscription based solution for collecting and reporting on wine, suitable for both private collectors and businesses alike.

imac-WMP-overlayFully integrated with our wine delivery services, the Wine Management Portal facilitates complete accessibility, accuracy and accountability enabling the user to almost “touch” their wine in our warehouse. With transactions happening in real-time, you can be assured your collection will be up-to-date 24 hours a day.

The Wine Management Portal also includes the option to sell wine through our Vertical Sales Channel Partners.  This function enables clients to list wine for sale on established online retail websites by simply selecting from the wine on hand and choosing the channel partner through which you wish to sell. This transaction is instant and enables immediate market-place exposure without having to find an online retailer or move stock out of our warehouse. Click here to see more information on selling your wine.



What makes the Wine Management Portal™ different ?

stock-photo-20549839-cloud-computing-conceptThe Wine Management Portal™ was developed using ‘cloud’ based technology and designed specifically for the wine industry. Utilising the ‘cloud’, 'WICSS' are able to host, manage and process data on remote servers resulting in greater efficiency and speed and there’s no software to install, back-up or update – simply access via the internet. Once an account is set up, log in using any browser and a unique account number and encrypted password ensures data is securely held ‘in the cloud’ at all times.

Read more about our System Design and Integrity >>

At Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics our goal is to take the hassle out of managing your stock on hand so you get back to the business of promoting and selling your brand.

Australian Winery - Sell Your Wine

Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics is looking forward to becoming your preferred business partner and offers an additional sales platform through its Vertical Sales Channel Partners to increase your opportunity in the Australian market place.

The service is easily accessible from the ’Sell my wine‘ section of the Wine Management Portal™ and only requires a few steps to get your wines set up and available for sale.

Key Benefits
How it works
  • request-for-sale-2014Choose the channel partner you would like to use
  • Simply set your market price and volume
  • View, cancel and adjust sales listings at any time
  • Enter bank account details securely to receive trade sales payments directly
  • View all commissions and trade sales payout confirmations at any time 
  • Receive net trade sales proceeds every 10 business days
Benefits for your winery
  • winebottles8Service accessible for NO LISTING FEE, reducing your marketing budget
  • Access to established online sales platforms
  • Empowers wineries to focus on brand-building rather than administration tasks
  • Control market prices; empowers wineries to control their brands in the most efficient way possible by avoiding using resellers that dump brands online 
  • Access to competitive pre-negotiated commission rates
  • Perfectly suited to the promotion of back vintages and surplus stocks
  • System confirmations automatically transmitted to Artisan Wine Storage for processing and delivery 
  • Opportunity to increase brand awareness:
    • Increased visibility of your stock online with the proven SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) approach of our established Vertical Sales Channel Partners therefore improving your product ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing,
  • Release your working capital turnover by increasing sales opportunities and improving your operating cash flow
  • Perfect direct to consumer platform
Brand building, not brand destruction!




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